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Our selection of luxury pastries ranges from sweet to savory. Our focus is to invest in the Highest quality ingredients so you can indulge in the very best pastries & create a new core memory. 

we are constantly innovating new flavors to keep your palate satiated, follow us on instagram for updates

@Duranbakehouse !



DURAN Bakehouse 

Mateo hails from Quito, Ecuador. when he was 9 he migrated to Miami with his family. At 15 he realized if he wanted fresh bread he could grab the left over flour in the kitchen and make some . the power was in his hands!  he made his First loaf which lead him to purse culinary and work with a master chocolatier in Valladolid, Spain, and later for 

2 michelin In Brittany, France.

Barbara was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a toddler she was brought to Miami by her family. Her mom always cooked and had her helping to make homemade raviolis, noquis, pizza, milananesa and the rest of the food at home. 

She pursued culinary working for Bachour Miami, and winning an internship to work in The Loire Valley, France.

After all their hard work Chef Mateo & Barbara realized that their creativity, passion for quality food , & years of experience would allow them to open their elegant refined pastry shop. 

In the search for refined flavors & with their fine craftsmanship they use their hard earned knowledge to make divine food available to you. 

"What you feel like eating at any given moment is what you should have." - 

Ferran Adria

Our Pastries


we strive for the perfect bite. 

We also value mother nature's health & our clients, This is why we use Non-GMO, Organic ingredients, & local products. 

Our flavors are bold with heavy influences from our Chef travels. 

Inspired by the radiant food culture of Spain, France, South Africa, Argentina, Ecuador & more. Order online now, Email us , Contact us down below, or visit us at your local farmer's market!


We understand there are so many who suffer from allergies so we made some of our favorites allergy free friendly products! 

We cater to allergies such as Gluten Free & Dairy Free  with a designated decadent line just for those in need of a sweet treat!

 Please let us know of ALL allergies upon purchase so we may accommodate as best as possible! 

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